If you would like to register online (2014)

**Camp registration for Session 6 has very limited space. Online registration is closed, please call the office at 503-231-9484
to see if there is space for your child.

Two Easy Steps to Complete Online Registration:


NOTE: Health Forms are no longer required. In lieu of a specific health form we have made some changes to our online registration process by adding pertinent questions regarding your child’s health history to ensure your child’s safety and well being while at camp. Please check with your licensed medical provider to determine if your child needs a physical within 12 months of attending camp. You will notice that the Medical Release Form (previously called Health History and Exam Form) has been modified, and is part of the online registration process. In order to complete online registration the following specific health information is required:

  • Camp Howard requires, from the custodial parent or guardian, that they attest that all immunizations required for school are up to date for each participant. (By completing the online registration you, the custodial parent or guardian, are attesting to the above immunization requirement.)
  • The actual date (month/day/year) of the participant's last tetanus shot.
  • Specific information for any medications (both prescriptive and over the counter) that will need to be given while at camp.

Please complete the online registration form, which includes the Permission and Participation Agreement, making sure to spell everything correctly, use full legal names, and fill in all required information.




Payments can be made by credit/debit card during the registration process online. A minimum of a $50.00 deposit, per camp session, is required at the time of registration. The fee(s) may also be paid in full. Any open balance is due 30 days before your child attends camp. Please note that the full fee must be paid prior to your child’s attendance.

The camp deposit is non-refundable. The whole camp fee (minus the deposit) is refundable if a written request is received in the Portland CYO Office at least one week prior to the start of camp.