Specialty Camps 2015

A “Specialty Camp” at Camp Howard is a variation of our “General Camp” experience with an infusion of a variety of special interest activities. Campers will participate in most general camp activities and schedules, with the exception of two general activity periods, where they attend their chosen Specialty Camp program for 1 ½ - 2 hours each day (M – TH). In this way specialty campers enjoy the best that Camp Howard offers including meals, living in a cabin, the pool, shooting sports, campfires and all other unit or camp-wide activities.

NEWBOCCE BALL CAMP (Session 3 / July 19-24)

Learn the timelessly classic outdoor game of Bocce Ball or “Boules” as the Italians pronounce it.  Bocce Ball, which traces its history from the time of the Roman Empire and before, is a wildly popular international game that features both “mad” skills with the ball and critical strategy between teams to achieve a winning result!  Bocce Ball shares fascinating aspects of such diverse activities as bowling, soccer, curling and even chess to delight passionate fans the world over!  Enjoy the best of summer camp while learning this entertaining new “old” game.  Open to campers 8-14.

NEWCamp “Illusion” (Session 4 / July 26-31) 

Do you crave the drama of a card trick well done?  Wonder how those coins come out of ears? Join us this summer as we explore the inner workings of the world of “illusion” during this entertaining new specialty camp. Word is out that a certain summer staff artist with “mad” skills in the art of illusion will make some guest appearances and share the goods!  Shush….. Only participating campers will be in the know….. Open to all camper ages 8-14.

Paintball Camp (Sessions 1,2,3,4,5,6)

Paintball Camp grows in popularity each year and is offered during every session to meet the demand. This season will feature improvements to the arena, new equipment, and plenty of paintball games, comprised of “Capture The Flag”, “Last Team Standing” and “VIP”. Paintball guns, markers, masks, hoppers, CO2 and lots of paintballs are included in the fee. Tons of great FUN is the result! Long pants and long sleeve shirts are strongly recommended for all participants. Open to camper ages 12-14. (Beginning this season campers must be a minimum of 12 years of age to participate in Paintball Camp).

“Budding Artists” Camp (Session 4 / July 26 – JULY 31)

Calling all Artists! Join us for this exciting new “Art Camp” held within the beautiful natural setting of Camp Howard. The camp will begin with two days of drawing instruction plus basic scene composition and will be “highlighted” by two days of Acrylic on canvas painting taught by guest artist, Gail Joseph. Gail has been painting since her youth, and is accomplished in both acrylic and watercolor. Her work is on display at The Attic Gallery in Portland and the Thunderbird Gallery in Rancho Mirage, California. Camp fee includes all required materials and your camper will return home with an original work of art! Open to camper ages 8-14.

Fishing Camp (Session 3 / July 19-24)

Reel in the catch of the day at Camp Howard’s pond during our summer Fishing Camp! Learn how to cast, land, and clean your fish for cooking. Our pond is stocked regularly with locally raised rainbow trout, and our campers have caught several record-breaking “whoppers”! (Rumor has it that Camp Howard has a “magic” pole to save the day, if the fish just aren’t biting). Fishing poles, tackle and bait are provided. Open to camper ages 8-14.

Spy Kids Camp (Sessions 1, 6 / July 5-10, August 9-14)

Back by popular demand, we had to schedule two sessions to satisfy the yen for sleuthing! Your mission, should you accept it…? Go on this weeklong excursion exploring the life of a spy! Campers will learn about fingerprinting, invisible notes, spy gadgets, and the use of different sleuthing equipment. Once all campers graduate from our “Spy School”, their skills will be put to the test in the most important mission yet: Save Camp Howard from becoming a mission impossible!
Open to camper ages 6-14.

“What’s Your Act” Camp (Session 5 / August 2-7)

What’s your entertainment buzz? Do you fancy singing, acting or dancing to the beat? Or, is “stand up” comedy (camp appropriate of course!) more your deal? Whatever your entertainment passion or talent is, plan to join us this summer for “What’s Your Act” Camp. We will explore the various facets of live stage entertainment together. Bring a favorite act, scene, gig or routine to share and then collaborate with your camp friends to learn something new together. Campers will rehearse during the week and share their talents with the whole camp at our Thursday evening “Coffee House” style show. Open to camper ages 8-14.

Adventurer Camp (Session 2 / July 12-17)

What do Indiana Jones, Tom Sawyer and Bear Grylls have in common? … They were and are all adventurers! They overcame physical and mental challenges by using their skills and wit, to seek and find adventure or treasure. Join guest instructor Mark Lee for this fun program as participants learn how to solve various riddles, puzzles and other mind-challenging problems to obtain the clues to find elusive treasures. Campers will form teams and learn geocaching, treasure hunting, hiking, navigation and problem solving skills. Open to camper ages 8-14.


Archery Camp (Session 6 / August 9-14)

This camp is for anyone who would like to invest the maximum time at our archery range. Campers will learn the history of archery; use of required equipment, and of course, archery range safety. Skill development is encouraged as we participate in a variety of more challenging activities at our expanded archery range. Open to camper ages 8-14.

Tour de Camp

Tour de Camp has been one of our most popular Specialty Camps the past few summers and it’s back for an encore! A virtual “smorgasbord” of the most popular Camp Howard program activities showcased in one of two formats:

Weekend (Session 1A / July 10-12)

Spend time over the weekend enjoying many camp activities including archery, BB guns, paintball (Range only) and fishing as well as learning about critical wilderness survival tips. This weekend camp will help you decide which full- length Specialty Camp you may want to attend later this summer. Open to camper ages 8-14.

Full Week (Sessions 2, 5 / July 12-17, August 2-7)

Experience a weeklong “sampler” of the most popular General and Specialty Camp activities Camp Howard has to offer. Campers rotate through fun-filled daily activities, including archery, BB guns, fishing and Paintball (Range only) just to name a few. Stir in the rest of Camp Howard’s “magic” for a great week at camp! Open to camper ages 8-14.

Survival Camp (Session 4 / July 26 – JULY 31)

You won’t be voted out of this camp! Our seasoned guest instructor Mark Lee will cover basic critical wilderness survival skills. Participants will also learn how and where to build a shelter, craft a fire, and procure safe water and food in the wild. Campers practice these basic survival skills within the safety and security of Camp Howard’s boundaries and learn how to put those new skills to the test. Open to camper ages 8-14.

Target Sports Camp (Sessions 1, 3 / July 5-10, July 19-24)

Join us this summer for one of our most popular programs, Target Sports Camp. So cool that we have to offer it twice! Campers hone their shooting skills daily through participation in a combination of featured sessions at our archery, paintball, rifle and trap shooting ranges. Open to camper ages 12-14. (Campers must be a minimum of 12 years of age to participate in Target Sports Camp).

Mini Camp (SessionS 1 & 2 / July 7-10, JULY 14 - 17)

Our Mini Camp program is a condensed version of our “flagship” General Camp experience, and offers the opportunity for younger campers (Ages 6-11) to experience Camp Howard during a shorter stay. Campers will participate in a variety of camp activities over 4 days and 3 nights. Mini Camp operates on new days this season (Tuesday to Friday).

Day Camp (Session 5 / August 3-6)

Our Day Camp program is designed specifically for younger campers that may not be quite ready to stay the night, but want to enjoy the best of Camp Howard during the day! Day campers have a dedicated staff at camp and attend a variety of camp activities during the week including Arts & Crafts, swimming, the Camp Store, and much more! Lunch and a pre-departure snack are provided. Day Camp operates Monday through Thursday from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm during select sessions and includes round-trip bus transportation from Portland to camp. Open to camper ages 6-10. New this Season: A bonus, optional overnight stay on Wednesday night in conjunction with our new “Moms & Dads” Camp.


Two-Week Camp (Sessions 1, 1A, 2 / July 5-17)

When one week at Camp Howard is not enough! Participants in our Two-Week Camp will be at camp for Sessions 1, 1A and 2. You have the choice of registering for any programs scheduled during those sessions including General Camp and the Specialty Camps. To view the weekend session (1A) activity schedule, please visit our website.

Family Camp (Session 4A / JULY 31 - August 2)

Join us again for this summer’s annual Family Camp weekend! A great local weekend getaway for families and a terrific opportunity for you to experience the activities that makes Camp Howard a special place for kids every summer. Lots of fun weekend activities designed for kids and adults alike, including archery, Arts & Crafts, BB guns, campfire, fishing, games, an ice cream social, swimming, and a trap shooting contest! Families arrive Friday at 5 pm followed by dinner and a welcoming campfire program. Family Mass is at 4 pm Saturday afternoon. All ages are welcome. Kids 5 and under are free of charge.

Camp Howard Basketball Camp (Session 1A / July 10-12)

Lace up those sneakers, pack a water bottle, and get your game on for our weekend Basketball Camp this summer on the Camp Howard outdoor courts! Our CYO Basketball Director Jenna Bass who played competitive basketball during her career for CYO, Central Catholic, and Willamette University, will direct this 3 day, 2 night camp featuring skills instruction and lots of fun competition for all ability levels. Enjoy the best Camp Howard activities when not on the courts including Arts & Crafts, campfire, shooting sports, swimming, the camp store and our 100-foot long Slip n’ Slide. Open to boys & girls ages 8-14.

Girl’s Volleyball Camp (Session 1A / July 10-12)

Our annual weekend Volleyball Camp at Camp Howard is one of the most popular programs on our summer schedule! Head instructor, Julie Taylor, who has over 20 years of coaching experience at both Central Catholic High School and Rose City Volleyball, will direct this 3 day, 2 night camp featuring plenty of technical instruction and fun competitive games for all ability levels. Enjoy the best of Camp Howard when not on the court including Arts and Crafts, campfire, games, swimming, the camp store and our 100-foot long Slip n’ Slide. Open to female camper ages 8-14.