If you would like to register by fax/mail

Steps to Complete Registration by Fax or Mail:

1. Download the Summer Activities Registration Packet below.
2. Fill out the Activities Registration Form (2 pages)
3. Complete Medical Release form, including parent or guardian signature.
4. Sign and initial the Permission and Participation Agreement (both parent and child).
5. Fax with credit card payment or mail with credit card information or check to the CYO/Camp Howard office as instructed on forms.
6. Download your camp confirmation packet for more details.

CYO/Camp Howard Summer Activities Registration Packet (Coming Soon)
(4 pages total)

Summer Activities Registration Form (2 pages)
This form is for us to get the basic information from you.  It is required to fill out all of the information on this form. Please print legibly.  The boxes at the bottom of the page are for optional purchases you might like to make for your child.

Medical Release Form (1 page)
Please note changes in requirements for the 2013 summer camp season to comply with the ACA accredidation standards. This form needs to be filled out and signed by the parent/legal guardian.

Permission and Participation Agreement Form (1 page)
This form is the release and waiver for your child to be eligible to participate in a CYO/Camp Howard Summer Activity. Please make sure you read it carefully and fill out the required information.  Both a parent/legal guardian and the participant must sign and initial this waiver.

Payments can be made through cash, check, or credit card.   A minimum of a $50.00 deposit, per camp session, is required at the time of registration. The fee(s) may also be paid in full.  Any open balance is due 30 days before your child attends camp. Please note that the full fee must be paid prior to your child’s attendance.

The camp deposit is non-refundable. The whole camp fee (minus the deposit) is refundable if a written request is received in the Portland CYO Office at least one week prior to the start of camp.