Bequests - a Way to Leave A Legacy To CYO/Camp Howard

A bequest is the most traditional way to provide for the future work of CYO/Camp Howard. With a gift through your will or living trust, you retain full use of your gift during your life. There are several common forms of charitable bequests:

General Bequest – specifies that CYO/Camp Howard will receive a designated sum. For example: You decide to leave $50,000 to CYO/Camp Howard.

Percentage Bequest
– provides that a predetermined percentage of your estate will go to CYO/Camp Howard. For example: By leaving 10% of your estate to CYO/Camp Howard, your estate is not obligated to make the charitable bequest in the event of catastrophic estate losses.

Specific Bequest – allows you to designate particular property, such as furniture, paintings, stocks, or real estate, to go to CYO/Camp Howard.

Residuary Bequest– directs that everything remaining in your estate after all general bequests, specific bequests and costs have been paid, will go to CYO/Camp Howard.

Contingent Bequest– takes place only if a specific event occurs (or does not occur). For example: You can name CYO/Camp Howard as a beneficiary of your will that is contingent upon a certain family member not being alive at the time of your death.

Life Insurance

Naming CYO/Camp Howard as a beneficiary of an existing policy is simple and requires only filling out a change of beneficiary form. You can designate us a percentage beneficiary or as full beneficiary of a policy. Contact your tax advisor to obtain maximum tax-savings benefit.

Retirement Plan

You can reduce your estate and income tax by naming CYO/Camp Howard as a beneficiary of your retirement plan with a specific dollar amount or percentage designation. Consider naming CYO/Camp Howard as a secondary beneficiary of your retirement plan after the passing of your surviving spouse.

Let Us Know of Your Legacy Plans

CYO/Camp Howard keeps confidential files of legacy intentions. We want to make sure your charitable wishes are fulfilled and that your gift is used solely for the purpose intended. We also work with highly regarded tax advisors willing to answer legal questions you may have pertaining to your legacy gift. Contact Sr. Krista von Borstel at the CYO/Camp Howard Office, 503/231-9484 or email srkrista@cyocamphoward.com to discuss your estate gift intentions.


CYO/Camp Howard does not provide legal or tax advisory services. We encourage you to seek your own legal and tax-planning counsel when considering charitable estate gifts.

For more information please contact:

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Executive Director
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Ann Reinhart
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