Welcome to CYO/Camp Howard!

Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) and Camp Howard exist to give youth opportunities to gain confidence, have wholesome experiences, practice and grow in Christian values and make great memories in the process.

On the CYO (sports) side of the equation, we offer football (800), basketball (4000) volleyball (1200), cheerleading (100), track and field (2000) and swimming (650). Nearly 10,000 participants enjoy these activities annually throughout the greater Portland area which includes Portland, North to Clark County, Washington, as far East as Gresham, West all the way out to Verboort and Roy, and South to Salem and Stayton.

Camp Howard, named for Archbishop Howard in 1952 when the Horton Family donated the property as a youth camp, is located between Corbett and Sandy, Oregon in Clackamas County. The camp is operated year around. In the summer we operate several weeks of Camp Howard summer camping programs. We also have year around rentals, which include several weeks to the Multnomah County Outdoor School Program, church picnics and retreats, family reunions, weddings and various other activities.

Through camping and sports we strive to enable youth to become confident young leaders and contributors to our society. We welcome you to become a part of our youth program. Welcome to CYO/Camp Howard.

Sr. Krista von Borstel S.S.M.O.
Executive Director